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Music Ministries

Music ministry is an integral part of the liturgy in which the assembly is invited to pray, evangelize, and draw closer to God and His church.  Whether your talent is in singing or playing an instrument, all are welcome and invited to lead the assembly in sung prayer!  All music ministers are asked to commit to music formation sessions; specific time commitments and schedules vary with each ensemble and/or ministry and are scheduled through the Music coordinator for each Mass.

Leading the congregation in song by playing the piano, keyboard, organ, or guitar is the primary role of the accompanist at Mass. Solo proficiency on these instruments and an audition is required. Commitment: Serve as scheduled, with regular rehearsals.​



The role of the Cantor is to lead the parish community in song at Mass as a solo voice. Requirements are a clear, pleasant voice, a willingness to serve, time for planning and rehearsals, and a commitment to your scheduled service which varies weekly. Auditions are required.


Instrumentalists work with various music groups to add depth to their accompaniment. Choose the group that suits your musical style. An audition is required. Commitment: Serve as scheduled, with regular rehearsals.

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